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updated Wednesday June 19, 2019

Hi.  I'm Allan!

ȳϼ. AllanԴϴ!

Hola! Mi nombre es Allan!


˪ϣ ٣ϫ

I'm a Canadian private tutor who has taught in Canada and Asia 1996.

For FAQ / policies, see below.

Everyone has different learning styles.  Some people are visual learners, some tactile, some aural, some verbal.  Some prefer study & memorization.  Others prefer real-life explanations & examples.  Everyone learns in their own way.

I have taught all age groups - children (pre-kindergarten to high school) and adults (conversation & business English).  I have experience and material to help the learning process for all ages.

I teach most core subjects (English / language arts, mathematics, history, sciences, ESL / EFL,

I tutor in small groups (1, 2, or 3 students). 

I teach phonics, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar usage (not just theory), reading and comprehension, rapid conversation skills (including use of common phrases & idioms), writing skills (from sentences to essays), and everything else in between.

FAQ / Policies
(Frequently Asked Questions)

1) If this is ESL class, do you speak other languages in class?
No.  Students and the tutor will only speak English.

2) How much is tuition?  When do I pay?
Usually $25/hour.  This can change according to how many students there are per class, what online services a student uses, etc.  Please call to discuss it.
Tuition is due before each tuition period, not after.  Just like college, university, or another tutoring service, you do not pay after teaching is done.  It is paid before.

3) How long is one study or tuition period?
One period is four (4) weeks.
If you wish to pay per session, you can do this - but this means that your time slot might be replaced.  If you want to secure that time slot, please purchase it.

4) What subjects do you teach?
There are three type of class - ESL, integration, & core subjects.
ESL is English as a Second Language.
Integration is skills necessary (language, culture, religion, finances, home economics, etc.) for newcomers to Canada.
Core are subjects like mathematics, science, history, language arts, etc.
I do not teach French.  I'm not fluent enough.

5) Do you teach online or in a classroom?
Most ESL classes are online because I don't live in Asia now.
For tutoring here in Canada, I visit students' homes or meet someplace else (library, coffee shop, Lethbridge College).
Class plans, homework, media (videos, listening, online lessons), and tuition / class records are all online on each students' / class's private page.

6) Can we skip classes sometimes?
During the school year, if you miss a class, you should have a makeup class with your classmates.  Tuition dates cannot be delayed.  If you miss class, that class is gone.  Sorry!  If you plan to be away,
please let me know at least 24 hours before so you don't lose that class's tuition. 
During vacation, a student or me (the tutor) might be away.  Make sure your classmates agree though!

7) What if my classmate quits? 
You and I will try to find a new classmate. 
Does tuition change?  You can pay your normal tuition for one tuition period while we find a classmate.

8) Do I buy books (textbooks, workbooks, or readers)?
I have everything to create a curriculum.
If you wish to use your school books to study from, no problem.
The curriculum is not in a book - it is the teacher's plan.  One book cannot teach everything. 

9) Do you give tests?
No, I don't. 
Keeping students' homework and comparing it from class to class, from month to month, is more accurate.  Tests only see how well a student can duplicate under stress what they had learned and during only one particular period of time (test day!).  This not useful for me to help my students learn.

10) I heard you have loaner printers.
Yes, I have a few network printers for long-term students with busy parents.  These printers are installed in the student's home.  I can print homework through the internet.  You buy the paper and ink; I supply the printer and homework.  These are supplied at my discretion.